The Longevity Revolution:

Worldwide, life expectancy has increased in average 6 years in

the last few decades.

Europe is one of the continents that is aging faster.


These demographic changes represent real opportunities for

development, economic growth and investment that should improve

people’s life quality.


for a longer and better life

Forecast of the global increase in the population over 65 

Why an Expo Meeting dedicated to the Silver Economy?

The Silver Economy is “the set of all economic activities dedicated to the needs of the over 50, which includes products and services consumed directly and the business thus generated”. [Oxford Economics]

The Silver Economy is the third largest economy in the world, it represents a value of $ 7 trillion a year, which is estimated to reach $ 15 trillion by 2020.

A great multidisciplinary event dedicated to innovation in the sectors of

Health and Wellness – Technology – Economy and Finance

of the Silver Age.

Aging is a challenge and an opportunity for

development, economic growth and investments that is in

constant evolution:  the Silver Market players need to be agile and innovative

to face these challenges, take the opportunities and satisfy the needs.

The Silver population is heterogeneous: there is no one single solution

to satisfy the needs of the “new senior age”; this will require

new business models, innovative collaboration and

openness to new ways of thinking.

Innovation is certainly an important part of the answer,

but the key is the rapid creation of an ecosystem of

multidisciplinary and international groups connected by

interpersonal and commercial interests.

There is a strong growth of  the demand

in the areas of

Health and Wellness – Technology – Economics and Finance

and a fast evolution of the offer of innovative products and services.

Marche Foundation, totally private, established in 2009

by a group of Italian entrepreneurs, is a non-profit organization

and operates exclusively in the interest of the territory.

The development of a series of technological and medical-scientific initiatives

related to the Silver Economy is one of the main interest of

Marche Foundation.



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